French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is muscular, agile and easy to handle. Therefore, frenchies are ideal for both beginners and experienced handlers.

The French Bulldog is a dog for everyone. Mainly a dog for individualists, but easy to handle and therefore also ideal for beginners. She is adaptable, self-confident, loving, selflessly devoted to his master, but not submissive.

What she does, she does out of love for her owner. It needs a strong hand, but if you are not an experienced dog handler, it is still steerable. She grows together with her husband / wife. What then may be lacking in education, she makes up for with loyalty and the relatively easy handling of her environment.

french bulldog with a ball

She is not a brawler, not a barker, and certainly not a hunter. In the city she can hardly be disturbed by her fearlessness and her strong nerves. In the forest and in the corridor, it impresses with the fact that it does not strive for distance, but always stays close to its owner.
Somehow she is a dog who always knows what is allowed, what is wanted and what is right. You can shine with it at the dog training area as well as in the saloons of high society. She is small in size … but a BIG dog as a whole!

It is sensitive to heat and cold, but who likes to walk around for hours in scorching heat and freezing cold?
The French Bulldog is muscular, agile and wiry. At first glance, grumpy and that’s why you stay at a distance at the beginning. At second glance you get to know their sensitivity and charm. She is simply wonderful when dealing with children; She tirelessly brings the stick, but she can also enjoy lazing around longer with her husband. She will never try to impose her will on others … somehow she is always on the same wavelength as her family.

black and white french bulldog frenchies

That makes her a really pleasant roommate. She will never be the cause of quarrels with neighbors. She is a good watchdog, but as I mentioned earlier, not a yapper.
With the French Bulldog you get a lovable, loyal individualist with his heart in the right place. A clown in a philosopher’s robe.
Kind and energetic. Extremely loyal and loving.
Only when you are ready to give as much as this small, big dog will you realize how unique a life with a Bully is.

If you don’t mind being surrounded by your dog, because he hardly leaves your side, then you start looking for a Bully that suits you.